Colorado Welcomes New National President for 3-Year Anniversary Celebration

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Last weekend, the Colorado Family Church was blessed with the opportunity to receive a visit from our new national church president Rev. Richard Buessing, together with his wife Marjorie, on the occasion of the pastors’ three-year anniversary celebration. It was a jam-packed couple of days, where we had the opportunity to come together for a picnic at the beautiful Chatfield State Park, hear a special report covering the past 3 years under the current pastors, and also hear a moving and inspiring message from our national president.

On Saturday, members of the community came together in nature to share fellowship over food and fun. There were games of horseshoe and cornhole, hikes to a nearby lake, and lots of good food and a relaxing time to share and get to know Rev. and Mrs. Buessing on a very personal level. The Buessing’s also made time in their schedule to personally meet with a couple families in the community over dinner and breakfast. It was a very full day.

Group photo after the picnic at Chatfield State Park
Group photo after the picnic at Chatfield State Park

On Sunday, the Buessings joined the local council meeting and then attended the weekly Sunday service at 10:30. This service was very special in that the pastors took the sermon time to give a thorough report on what had been happening in the community since they came three years before. In the report, the pastors reviewed the results from a survey they had conducted in 2015 to find out the needs and concerns of the community. Concerns from the survey included caring for the youth, better music and Sunday service, updating the building and becoming more professional, better outreach, and developing a greater sense of community. They then went through how those different points had been addressed and developed, as well as how the community has grown in the areas of tithing, various demographics, and levels of involvement. The pastors conveyed that even though many positive developments had happened in the community, it was only because of the support and unity of the many members of the congregation that it could happen. At the end of the presentation, the pastors thanked everyone and asked that, going forward, we all continue to invest our whole hearts to realize a common vision and create a community that is built on families living the Divine Principle in their daily lives.

The Buessings also shared briefly during Sunday service. They expressed how grateful they were to be able to come to Colorado this weekend. They shared about how important it was for the members to work together with the pastors, to support the pastors in accomplishing the goals and vision for the community together.

At the conclusion of the service, the council and the Buessings came on stage and officially announced that the pastors had been voted in for their next three-year term. There was a special congratulatory cake, banner, and a beautiful plaque made to commemorate the occasion. Afterwards, everyone went to the dining room to enjoy the wonderful lunch that was prepared that day by the Wise family. The recording of the service can be watched below.

After the service, Rev. Buessing took time to share with the congregation about many of the exciting developments that are happening in the movement, both nationally and internationally. It was a very heart-warming sharing. He talked about how True Mother (Mrs. Moon) is always talking about and cares for the 7.2 billion people of the world. He shared about all the new initiatives that have been started just in the last few years that are focused on creating a better future for our children and a place where the Kingdom of Heaven can be experienced here in the physical world. He shared, at times in tears, about the effect that Rev. and Mrs. Moon have had on his life. Many of those that were in the room were also moved to tears remembering the heart with which God loved them and also the love that they felt when they joined this movement. It was a very uplifting and inspirational message, and afterwards many people took time to thank Rev. Buessing for his heart and to wish him all the success in his new role as the national church president.

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Rev. Buessing sharing his heart with the members of the Colorado community